VR Consulting

Virtual Reality allows you to present your clients with drafts and designs in an entirely new perspective. Ideas and concepts will be easier to understand and what used to be a boring blueprint becomes a breathtaking, realistic experience. And the opportunities that VR offers don't end there.

Virtual Reality for business


The life-like visualisation of objects enables you to show every detail in its actual context and from different perspectives. That way, your designs can be experience more directly, more objectively.

Virtual Reality Interaction


ALLVR enables you and your clients to experience your virtual design objects simultaneously, and discuss elements as you do so. Clients can leave notes and annotation, or request changes right on the spot.

Experience Virtual Reality


With ALLVR you can provide your clients and prospects with an impressive, realistic experience – and yourself with a technological advantage that puts you ahead of your competition.

Our Consulting Services

You are keen to use VR technologies for your projects but you have no experience and no idea what you need? We at AllVR will guide you through your VR project – from the initial use case analysis to the final implementation. Build on our experience and our reliability.

Usage of Virtual reality for business

Use Case Analysis

We want you to use AllVR in a way that maximises your business outcome and minimises your effort. That's why we first take a look at what you do, which target group you want to address and what business areas would profit the most from using AllVR.

VR Hardware Consulting

During our initial consultation we will give you an overview of the VR hardware that's on the market and of trends that are coming up. Based on that, we will advise you on what hardware would be best for your company and your business objectives.

VR Hardware Consulting
Creating VR Content

VR Content & Interaction

We will also support you with the creation of engaging virtual content that will bring your ideas to life, and together with you we will determine in what way your clients and prospects can interact with your Virtual Reality environments.

Planning & Implementation

Our AllVR experts will provide you with all the support you need to realise your own VR projects – up to the finished implementation. Our services are custom-tailored and goal-oriented. Have a look at the AllVR demo to see what this can look like.

VR Project Planning

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We create a cloud based business platform for visualization and communication on virtual reality headsets for the industry. For this we develop an automatic interface between CAD planning data from architects, engineers and designers and the virtual content in order to create virtual walkthroughs inside models and blueprints. With our solution the virtual reality glasses will become a communication device by giving several user with different headsets collaboratively and simultaneously access to the virtual world and the opportunity to communicate inside the tour location independently.

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