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Present your ideas more realistically than ever before.

ALLVR is an innovative software solution for real estate agents, designers, architects and engineers that helps you overcome physical barriers with ease. With ALLVR you can present your designs as if they were already made – and get pointed, real-time feedback from your clients.

ALLVR, explained in 2 minutes:

Sophisticated Features

ALLVR does much more than you would think at first glance.

visualization of 3d data

Auto visualization of 3D data

With ALLVR you can easily visualize your existing 3d designs in a 360° virtual environment. This gives your client a realistic representation instead of an abstract idea.

Create Virtual Experiences

Experience your designs and your ideas as if they'd already exist – embedded in virtual realities that you can roam together with your clients. Get profound feedback right on the spot.

Virtual environments
Multi-User Virtual Environments

Worldwide, Cloud-based Sharing

ALLVR is completely cloud-based. Since all your 3d data is stored online, you can access it everywhere and share it with your clients. You can even connect multiple different VR devices to your platorm and visit the model simultaneously from all over the world.

All Glasses, all Platforms

ALLVR can be used with all Virtual Reality glasses currently on the market. All Data is transferred automatically and without any effort. Just connect your VR headset to the platform, start your tour from the browser and follow it live on your laptop. Try it.

VR platform independent

Virtual Reality at the press of a button

Using ALLVR is incredibly easy: It takes only 4 steps to automatically convert your 3D data into a virtual environment, stream it to all connected devices across the world and give your clients a unique presentation experience.

ALLVR 3D data in the cloud


Upload your existing 3D data into the ALLVR cloud – simply in your browser.

ALLVR auto convert 3D data

Auto Convert

ALLVR automatically converts your 3D data into a walkable virtual environment.

ALLVR 3D data visualization

Auto Download

Virtual reality data is automatically downloaded to all connected devices.

multi-user virtual environment

Share & Enjoy

You and your clients can roam and comment the VR environment simultaneously.

ALLVR Screenshot

Works with numerous 3D applications

ALLVR can natively import the most common 3D data formats used today. Simply drag your existing .dae, .fbx, .3ds or .obj files into the ALLVR window and ALLVR will do its magic. This formats are supported by all common CAD tools such as Allplan, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, SketchUp, Rhino3D and others. We can handle all of them. If you dont have a 3D file, please see our services for creating 3D models out of 2D plans.
ALLVR supported applications

One solution - available and usable on all devices

Admin your models and start virtual tours from all over the world.

Visualization Sample Visualization Sample Visualization Sample

Perfect for real estate, architects and engineers

For the development of ALLVR we work together closely with creatives and specialists from various industries. That way we get to know exactly how they are going to use virtual environments to support their work. Click one of the use cases below to find out what ALLVR can do for you.

Our Services

Everything from planning to the finished VR model

Learn everything about Virtual Reality – and how to leverage that exciting technology for your business. We'll guide you through your first VR projects, even (or especially) if you have no experience in this field at all. We will support you with our experience and knowledge.

We are ALLVR

VR technologies offer great opportunities for realistic design visualizations. Our aim is to make them easy to use – for everybody. With that idea in mind we have founded ALLVR in Berlin. Our team is young, but comes with a wealth of experience and technical know-how. This is who we are.

Boris Goldshteyn



Boris is responsible for general management at ALLVR. He has received his Master of Science in IT Management at the FOM. As an IT Project Manager at Bayer Pharma AG in Berlin he's been steering the research section's strategic IT alignment.




Clemens heads the technical development of our products. He has received is Bachelor of Science in Informatics at the HWR Berlin and has worked as a software developer at Samuelson. Clemens has played a major part in several development projects.



COO / 3D Designer

Sara is responsible for the design and operative development at ALLVR. She is a Bachelor of Engineering in Exterior Architecture and Urban Planning and has a vast experience in 3D modelling and 3D design.




Christian manages all IT administrative tasks at ALLVR. He has received his Bachelor of Science in Informatics at the HWR Berlin and has gathered software development experience at BSR (Berlin) and with independent projects.

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We create a cloud based business platform for visualization and communication on virtual reality headsets for the industry. For this we develop an automatic interface between CAD planning data from architects, engineers and designers and the virtual content in order to create virtual walkthroughs inside models and blueprints. With our solution the virtual reality glasses will become a communication device by giving several user with different headsets collaboratively and simultaneously access to the virtual world and the opportunity to communicate inside the tour location independently.

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